Hair and Now


Time flies and I’m not always having fun. 2017 will be my 4th year of working with my natural hair. I did my big chop two summers ago and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I was just happy to get rid of the straggly ends that I had…(Read More)

Yes to 2017 a new beginning. However, not without an ode to 2016, what an amazing and  uncomfortable year it was! Amazing because I was finally able to officially launch Love & Nudes to the world. I also say it was uncomfortable because so many things had to be done that I have never done…(Read More)

Love & Nudes is all about you! Skin tone bras & panties created exclusively for our lovely melanin sisters. For far too long, women of colour have had to make do with beige lingerie. Beige is not nude. At least, it’s not my nude, and it probably isn’t your nude either. We all…(Read More)

Skin Stories


It’s so official as to how much I’m really enjoying hearing other people’s skin stories. During the Love & Nudes photoshoot, I asked each model to describe what they love about their skin. Each of their answers were really different in their own way. It was refreshing and intriguing to hear how…(Read More)

It finally happened the photo shoot that I imagined finally came to fruition last week. You should have seen what I was doing the day before the shoot… it wasn’t pretty. First I was in Home Depot looking for some kind of hook that I could use to help display the bralettes on set…(Read More)

Once a year we get to celebrate our Caribbean heritage here in Toronto in such a grande way, it’s so beautiful to see. It makes me so proud to be part of this culture that is an explosion of varied shades and shapes. What a sight it is to see all of us in…(Read More)

A Power Society


“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” is a quote the John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural speech. This always resonated with me because my method of thinking would have been, what is my country doing for me? This quote is showing us that…(Read More)

Model Madness


In what felt like a split second I knew I needed to hold a model casting call the following week. I realized that time was ticking louder and louder and I had to get my line photographed! It was initially stressful because I wasn’t sure about anything. Where would this event be held? Who…(Read More)

Love & Nudes is celebrating National Nude Day! Can you believe there is such a day? I heard about it in the U.S last year and decided to acknowledge this day to  in light of what Love & Nudes stands for. Celebrating nude in melanin skin tones is the crux of the brand. Nude…(Read More)

Be Your Beauty


I too am trying to embrace my beauty. I post about loving yourself and beauty begins with you and all that. I am discovering it’s the truth. If you really look at yourself and really appreciate who you are you start to realize that there is something there…something worthwhile. When you understand that…(Read More)