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"I've been waiting my whole life for this bra! I don't want to wait another minute."

"Super comfortable. Fits like a dream & matches my skin tone. Who could ask for more?"

"I like being naked, but I love being nude."

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Women First

Love & Nudes are excited and proud to produce in a woman-owned woman-lead facility. Working conditions are good, makers are paid a fair wage and are mostly single moms. Our founder, Chantal Carter Taylor, traveled to South America to inspect our makers facility prior to production and also visits whenever the collection is being made.

Our decision to use a fair wage partner means the Love & Nudes collection costs a little more to produce, but we feel it is important to show leadership and integrity in everything we do. Love & Nudes' supply chain is women-owned end-to-end, as are almost all of the organizations and businesses we partner with.

We believe the world is stronger, when we put women first.


The panties are soft to the touch and snug without feeling tight on the skin. It feels like I don't even have them on.


The bra and panties feel so luxurious and soft on my skin, a testament to the high quality of materials used for each piece.


Super comfortable. Fits like a dream & matches my skin tone. Who could ask for more?


The bra is very comfortable and soft. I would recommend Love & Nudes to anyone because it is so comfortable I can fall asleep in it!


The panties are amazing!! They hug my booty comfortably, no discomfort at all. The bra is excellent. I don't have big breasts, and I still feel supported.