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Chantal Carter Taylor, Founder Love & Nudes Intimates

Hi! I’m Chantal. Thanks for visiting.

For over a decade I’ve worked in the fashion and beauty industries in a variety of ways - as a fashion editor, wardrobe stylist, and product developer. Motivated by the glaring absence and misrepresentation of everyday products for women of colour, I developed the brand Love & Nudes with love for my melanin sisters.

My team and I have developed a collection of modern intimates to compliment every woman's uniqueness - her skin tone! I want women of colour to explore and wear fashion anyway we choose to. Whether we want our undergarments to be discreet under sheer, lace and white clothing, or if we want to rock it out as an accessory to an outfit, the choice should be ours!

Kathy and Surita

The brand, however, is not simply about underwear, but rather a means to create a global community designed to connect and share one another's individuality. We also work with conscious women in South America who are also all about empowering their communities by providing fair wages and working with facilities that employ single mothers, giving them a chance to support their families in just working conditions.

Chantal at the factory

It is with great excitement I bring you this brand Love & Nudes to celebrate diversity, women of colour and what makes them beautiful. I look forward to collaborating with influencers in the fashion, beauty and education industries to share stories, tips, and inspiration.

"Beauty is just who we are. You've got to create that.
You've got to stand up and create your own definition."
Bethann Hardison