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We're Popping Up at the International Black Women's Expo

We're so pumped to be coming to Montreal, to be part of The International Black Women's Expo. This is such a special curated women's event happening during Montreal's notorious Grand Prix weekend on Sunday, June 9  from 10am - 8pm in Montreal's Old Port. Excitement!!

Come on out and have fun taking photos while you discover your alluring shade from deep to deepest with us! Touch, feel and shop our luxurious skin tone intimates in shades of Honey Love, Butterscotch Beauty, Knockout Nutmeg and Espresso Empress...we’ve got something for your gorgeous skin tone. Plus, there are going to be insightful workshops and panel discussions (the cannabis one is standing out to us right now - OMG!), there is nothing ordinary about this expo and it's all for you.

You who asked when were coming to Mtl...we're on our way! Get your tickets before they sell out here

Sunday, June 9  from 10am - 8pm
International Black Women's Expo
Grand Quai Du Montreal (Old Port)
200 Rue De la Commune O.,
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 4B2

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Love & Nudes Team