A Love & Nudes Year in Review

Yes to 2017 a new beginning. However, not without an ode to 2016, what an amazing and uncomfortable year it was! Amazing because I was finally able to officially launch Love & Nudes to the world. I also say it was uncomfortable because so many things had to be done that I have never done before that were frightening. I did them anyway with a lot of help from my left hand Colleen Cole. She was instrumental in getting things done and really taught me that you simply cannot do things alone.  We are still here and standing which also made it an amazing year. I'm so grateful and thankful for all the opportunities and support I received from Colleen my digital marketing guru, from my first purchasers, (woohoo!), friends, followers, and people in general who have been encouraging. Here is a year in review of 2016:


  1. We visited our suppliers in Colombia after interacting remotely
  2. We finalized our 4 beautiful melanin colour tones
  3. We received multiple prototypes of bras and panties
  4. We had our model casting call and we cast four beautiful models that represented the diversity that we wanted to show with the Love & Nudes brand
  5. We had our first photo shoot which we were so excited and nervous about
  6. We had our first pop up event
  7. We launched our crowdfunding campaign to raise money to make the first production run of our intimates line
  8. We met incredible and POSITIVE PEOPLE who are also entrepreneurs and community oriented!

We did have bumps and hiccups along the road, as annoying as it is, it’s just part of the course. I know there will still be some hiccups along the way in 2017 but it will be all worth it to bring out products that look like us and all women of colour. Cheers to 2017.


  • Sexy

  • First time I’ve EVER seen “true” nude colors. I’m plus size, I hope there’ll be some representation for big girls too. Can’t wait! You guys are my rock stars! ;-)


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