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A Power Society

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” is a quote the John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural speech. This always resonated with me because my method of thinking would have been, what is my country doing for me? This quote is showing us that we have to give in order to get, not the other way around.


I am so inspired by someone who is doing just that, she is contributing to her community in such a powerful way. Camille Kerr is plowing forward through stereotypes, misconceptions, and judgment with the Caribbean Women’s Society (CWS) a Caribbean women’s group she began in Toronto last July 2015.

She and a powerful group of women are changing the dialogue in our and other communities as what is means to be Caribbean. The CWS mission is “to connect and empower Caribbean women”; who are then, in turn, accountable for teaching, motivating and enabling their family, friends, and community to do the same.

In conjunction with fostering their unique and admirable self-images, celebrating their culture, reinforcing their communal ties, and encouraging meaningful friendships, the member’s monthly gatherings entail addressing relevant issues, brainstorming, strategizing and executing initiatives to remove potential and existing barriers for them; and ultimately, the community.  

Caribbean Women's Society

I am proud to be part of this group which is also parallel to the mission of Love & Nudes, to empower and celebrate women of colour. I believe we can all contribute to our community by donating a little of our time to help a cause, whether it’s being a coach on your child’s sports team, helping out at your church or your community groups, even picking up litter you see in your area. We can contribute and demonstrate leadership by starting with small steps. For more information on how you can be involved with the CWS, contact or

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