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Be Your Beauty

I too am trying to embrace my beauty. I post about loving yourself and beauty begins with you and all that. I am discovering it’s the truth. If you really look at yourself and really appreciate who you are you start to realize that there is something there...something worthwhile. When you understand that beauty lives and shines within you, other people pick up on this and value you too. Believe in your own beauty


When people question our features or mock us about it, that’s when we should focus on loving these characteristics. They point it out because to them it isn’t “normal”.  I’ve learned there's beauty in what is considered different and unusual. For me, it was my lips. I have very full lips. I was about 14 years old and got a crank call from someone who chanted “HORSE LIPS!!” laughed and hung up. I was so hurt and embarrassed. It’s not so easy to celebrate ourselves as we are, especially after years of subliminal and overt messages telling us we are not attractive the way we are. However, it’s just not true! Beauty is fleeting in the society we live, always changing. The media will rarely celebrate people of colour, but that does not mean we aren’t beautiful. You have to just be your beauty.  


The more I look at myself I find something else I value, for my example the shape of my lips or the way my hair curls. For all those times I wished my lips were thinner, can we say BOTOX!?!  I am continually having the last laugh.

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