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Roanna is...Business, Beauty and Body

Tell us a little about your passion. What is it about?

I am passionate about helping women crush their goals - if you dream it, you can make it happen! I am an owner of Canada's favourite retail performance brand - Supplement King Markham. I exist to help Canadians improve, achieve and create better health and fitness.

What is the change that you would like to bring to society?

I would like to be an example - especially for women of colour - you can be empowered to transform all aspects of your life, love, family, health, physique, & career with a plan and discipline to execute to that plan.

What happened to make you want to do this? 

During the toughest time of my life - unhappy with all aspects - and going through a divorce, two kids to raise alone, I tapped into my 5th gear and decided that I had to make bold radical changes to find my power. I visualized that on the other side of this valley was a level of happiness beyond my wildest dreams!

Has anything changed since you started? 

I transformed my relationships, career, physique and in the process became a mentor for other women of colour to never get stuck mentally where you are now! Have the bold vision to see yourself on the other side of your struggle. I continue to be motivated for continual personal improvement, so others can see what resilience looks like, and see all things are possible for them too.

How do you think being a woman of colour has impacted your journey?

I was raised by Caribbean family values, when I was a little girl my grandfather would greet me with a big hug and smile every weekend, and he would greet me with the same words every time.... "now you are no ordinary person". His words got into my soul from a young age. I knew in my spirit I was something special, and I saw being a woman of colour as a significant blessing!

Have you had a remarkable breakthrough or a win that you would like to share with our readers? We all love hearing success stories! Tell us yours!

After my divorce, first breakthrough was meeting the love of my life in 2012. Over the course of the next year, I started going to the gym with him and began training with free weights, something new for me. In the span of one yr, I had my second breakthrough as I transformed my physique through changing my nutrition and following a workout plan. I went from someone who would never wear a bikini in public, to walking the stage in a figure competition in 2014 at the age of 40! Fast forward 5 years to 2019, 3rd breakthrough - I have opened my own business in Downtown Markham focusing on helping others achieve their health and fitness goals!

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