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Colombia, Sí

I have to admit I am a little nervous, as this is my first blog post for my brand Love & Nudes! Some of you who are reading this may already know that I am developing a line of nude intimates for darker skin tones. Melanin nudes, yay! I am pretty excited to share all that is going on in the development process. I've been working on this for the past two years and it is pretty fantastic to see all the moving parts coming together to actually make the products. I was in Medellin, Colombia two weeks ago meeting with the manufacturers that I will be working with to develop this line.  I will be working with two awesome beautiful women who have the same philosophy. They too created their business to empower and for the enrichment of their community. They are AMAZING and I am in love with them.  


For two days I met with various suppliers that make the materials I need to produce bras and underwear.  Fabrics, bra cups, hooks and elastics were chosen based on the look and feel I want to achieve for my customers.  It was such a new and different experience, but at the same time, I was in my element as it was a chance to be creative again which I simply adore.   


I also got to check out the factory that will be cutting and sewing the bras and underwear. There were a few guys sewing bras, which I did not expect. However, they focus on employing single mothers in a fair working environment, which resonates with me, as I was also a single mother. No sweatshops here! Currently, the fabric supplier is working on my skin tone colours. I cannot wait to have finished samples in my hand, which should be in late May 2016. I’ll keep you posted!


  • Love the concept! Im of a darker complexion and I see the need for nude undergarments for my skin tone. Looking forward to more from #loveandnudes

    Jamilia Alexander
  • Fantastic Chantal! Congratulations! This is so great! So much love for all shades! It will boost self-esteem of women. You look about 20 years old btw.

    Patti Ann Trainor
  • Congratulations on your blog post. Very excited to read about your journey and looking forward to your product line.

    Camille Worrell
  • Chantal, this is great! I would love to meet up and catch up! I have a few ideas to share with you. Let me know your schedule. Looking forward to seeing you.

    Maja Catic
  • Thanks for your feedback Jamilia! Working hard to make it happen this fall. Stay on the look out!


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