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Hair and Now

Time flies and I’m not always having fun. 2017 will be my 4th year of working with my natural hair. I did my big chop two summers ago and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I was just happy to get rid of the straggly ends that I had to consistently battle with. They just got in the way and wasn’t serving any purpose but to remind me of what I was trying to be free of. The natural hair process hasn't been easy, I’ve had some very unattractive moments that came, went and still show up.

This comes hand in hand with figuring out what is or isn't working for my 4C hair. It’s worth the struggle because I think it's essential to know myself, including my natural hair. I couldn't believe I'd spent most of my life with permed hair and had no clue what my natural hair was like. I felt something was wrong with that, the old saying “Know thyself” kept coming to mind.

During my hair trek, I’ve realized that I need to put my hair away by wearing protective styles in the winter. It behaves differently during cold months becoming so dry and hard, sometimes I call it my 4Z hair! I’ve tried crochet, braids, and twists (my current style) but I’m still trying to find a protective style that I absolutely love.


Lots of natural hair products


I’m also purging myself from too many products as there’s an eruption under my bathroom sink. I’ve figured out there's no need for it, my 4C hair is almost like a plant that needs water EVERYDAY! It also likes Shea butter, castor and argan oils. I'm looking forward to summer when I can let my hair loose to see what it will do next.

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