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Helping Women See Beyond Their Circumstances

This week’s feature is Pauleanna Reid co-founder of New Girl on the Block (NGOTB).

What’s the change she would like to bring to the world?

Pauleanna is affecting change by helping women see beyond the limits of their circumstances through NGOTB.

NGOTB is a mentorship program for millennial women in transition, offering life planning, ballsy career strategies and advice for female startups who would like to increase their visibility and success.

Pauleanna Reid

Image Credit: Desiree Thomas

What happened to make you want to do this? Tell us the beginning/origin story?

Pauleanna's drive came from being a college drop out.  For her running a business was self-taught through working with mentors and self-education. She is a firm believer that we don't have to do life alone, as she stands on the shoulders of giants every day. She would like to offer the same opportunities to other women wanting to find their path.

Pauleanna Reid and Friend

There is a way to figure out what we want to do and it doesn’t have to be bewildering and lonely..organizations like NGOTB are here to help, check them out. 

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