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How I Get Even, Fab Looking Skin

Years ago, my make-up instructor asked all of her students what beauty item they couldn’t live without. My response was “Concealer!”  There it was, a young woman trying to achieve a mirage of perfection by concealing her so-called flaws with actual concealer.  I can’t pinpoint when it happened, but I noticed that I wasn’t going anywhere significant without my concealer on and that I felt more confident wearing it.  I had developed darker skin and bags around my eyes seemingly out of nowhere. They shone like flashing neon signs highlighting the undesirables. The concealer I used did the job okay, but I was still on the lookout for THE concealer, one that would hide my bags while covering up the dark triangles around my eyes UNTIL… I made a stop at the MAC counter one day.  

Drab FAB

The makeup artist offered to do my makeup after I complained about the lines and darkness under my eyes. Boy, I’m glad I did as I wouldn’t have known about the miracle product called colour correctors. She applied the MAC Prep & Prime corrector in an orangey/peachy shade to only one side of my face, anywhere there was darker pigmentation - around my eyes, laugh lines and acne scars. Then she topped it off with concealer. The difference was like WHOA. Finally the look I wanted stared back at me in the store mirror and most importantly, my home mirror (sometimes when you get home things don’t look the same as in the store)!  

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I learned that colour corrector evens out your skin tone and helps to hide eye bags by  neutralizing the undesired colour on your face. Makeup artist Nicole Richards for recommends using colour correctors in orange and golden shades for darker skin tones. I highly suggest giving colour correctors a try if you have darker pigmentation on your face you want to even out. For me, this stuff is magic.



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