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When's The Last Time You Indulged Yourself?

I used to believe that there was something off-putting or dirty about taking photos in your underwear. I feel much differently now... I think of it as a way to celebrate myself in a different light just as I am and in a really soul-baring way. I remember when a male photographer asked me to do a Boudoir shoot, I thought he was a perv, but now I'm definitely revisiting that with the right photographer…. imagine getting some captivating shots of yourself in a way that you never imagined? How empowering is that? I've even started my own Pinterest boudoir board to gather ideas, as there is much to look at online nowadays. Here are a couple of shot ideas that I love:


We’ve collaborated with Crave Boudoir to give all of us an exciting opportunity to have a boudoir shoot at an amazing rate!

With a purchase of $85 or more from our collection you get a $300 photoshoot session for $150 (includes makeup and hair did!) with Crave Boudoir. You can have a skin tone set AND a photo shoot for less than $300!

Once you make your purchase with us, provide your order number and name to Crave Boudoir referencing the Love & Nudes and Crave Boudoir shoot to get your deal. This jaw-dropping deal is good through February 14.


Cause it’s time to get our sexy back.

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