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It's National Nude Day

Love & Nudes is celebrating National Nude Day! Can you believe there is such a day? I heard about it in the U.S last year and decided to acknowledge this day to  in light of what Love & Nudes stands for. Celebrating nude in melanin skin tones is the crux of the brand.


Nude has always been symbolized with white skin. In 2015 there was a significant change in the meaning of nude in the Merriam - Webster dictionary after it was challenged. They defined one of their meanings of nude as “having the colour of a white person’s skin” . I applaud and appreciate Luis the student that opposed this racist definition with his #nudeawakening campaign. In August 2015 the meaning was updated in their dictionary to "having a color (as pale beige or tan) that matches the wearer's skin tones". I would have been ecstatic if they had added "as pale beige or dark brown" but it's a start. Nude is a state of being and not a colour and it can be very different even within a race. For people of colour it is different intensities of melanin tones. When we are nude we see or skin first! Skin is the largest organ on the body and is an essential factor in our beauty. Healthy skin is beautiful to the touch for its texture and colour. I celebrate healthy melanin skin because of how it can reflect light in its darkest state, it can have a golden or copper glow with so many shades of uniqueness.


When I looked up what National Nude Day, I saw that is was started in New Zealand by nudists. Nudists believe that the human body is the most beautiful unclothed and natural. We really have to pay attention to ourselves to discover our own beauty. Today on July 14th,  at some point get nude and really check out your skin all over. I believe you will find something of beauty in yourself, in this state of being.  Happy National Nude day!


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