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Love & Nudes First Photoshoot!

It finally happened the photo shoot that I imagined finally came to fruition last week. You should have seen what I was doing the day before the shoot... it wasn’t pretty. First I was in Home Depot looking for some kind of hook that I could use to help display the bralettes on set. I was hoping to find something but wasn’t quite sure what that something would be. In addition, I was worried about what would transpire the day of the shoot. Were the models going to show up? Were they going to be difficult to work with? OMG. Nothing was looking glamorous then.


What a beautiful sight it was to see all that uncertainty and work actually come to life! The models were actually wearing bralettes and underwear for their skin tone right before my eyes. Nude underwear for melanin skin in the flesh.


In keeping in line with empowering women of colour, I’m so happy that my creative director was a woman of colour and I was ecstatic. I found two out of four beautiful models from a black woman owned agency, Morgan Model Management. At one point during the shoot I got emotional onset. I couldn’t believe what was just an idea was now something tangible for the women of colour. Something from me to you. Yes! I hope you love it.


  • LOVE IT!
    Keep doing what your doing Girl!

  • It’s our pleasure! This is totally a labour of love for WoC! We will be ready to start shipping orders in May. Please join our blog mailing list to stay informed!

  • I, like your other supporters am so happy that being a woman of ’Sun’s kissed’ complexion, finally have a bra that is made with me in mind. Thank you❤

  • Thank you Gillian, I appreciate the support!


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