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Melanin Power

Melanin is a movement happening on social media. There are a few hashtags such as #melaninonfleek, #melaninmonday, #melaninpoppin which have at least 100,000 posts each, while #melanin has over a million posts. I’m not sure what prompted the word melanin to become so prevalent, but I think it’s really special. My thought is, it celebrates and defines people with shades of brown skin more modernly, with a word other than black skinned or brown skinned, which is refreshing. The brand EverettXBlake carries a line of t-shirts with “MELANIN ON FLEEK”. They explain that they want people to take ownership of their lifestyle,vernacular and culture. I believe this type of ownership applies to all oppressed cultures and races. They expressed they’re creating these t-shirts to exemplify black excellence and using social media to dignify, honour, and strengthen this community. They’ve asked all customers to post a selfie wearing their shirt with hashtag #GiveBlack.


I’ve noticed so much happening over the last year and a half on online, a push to include diversity in everyday life which is long overdue. Social media is huge in propelling this movement, and major companies like Apple and What’s App have responded by including racially diverse emojis. Currently, my LG phone doesn’t have darker skinned emojis and I just can’t bring myself to use them even when a post warrants it because it doesn’t represent who I am. The other day my girlfriend sent me a black emoji from her iPhone but I got it as a white emoji (sad face). I need to see if LG has any diverse emojis I can download. Screenshot_2016-06-23-17-36-49Things can be convoluted when too many people have something to say, or rather nothing to say on social media, but I’m positively ecstatic that each of us has the opportunity to use these mediums to promote important, relevant issues that matter, to instill positive change and awareness in all people.

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