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For a number of years, my husband repeatedly suggested that I take up yoga. I finally did and I am so glad I listened. I fight depression and I was looking for ways to cope. At the time I did not understand how yoga could possibly help me, but I certainly get it now. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice. I absolutely adore starting out my Saturday mornings with a warm yoga practice.  It feels like starting the day with a clean slate, readying my brain for whatever I might face. It’s easier for me to stay calm and grounded because I just came from a purposeful place in my mind.

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There is a huge focus on breathing. During my practice we use deep and controlled breaths to focus our minds and work through poses to expel stagnant, negative energy.  Each session is so soothing and detoxifying, because sweating in a warm room cleanses you from the inside out. It isn’t all just airy fairy though. The physical component builds up strength and muscle toning through holding challenging poses.


Yoga is an ideal practice for calming the mind from the stressful world we live in. For me, yoga is a triple threat that helps me with my spirit, mind, and physical strength. I truly feel it helps me gain more confidence and aids in managing my depression.

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