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Own Your Tone Series: Camille Kerr

Camille Kerr

Meet Camille Kerr from The Caribbean Women’s Society (CWS), a grassroots, NPO; founded in July 2015. Her mission is to connect and empower Caribbean women. CWS unites, empowers, and invests in ALL Caribbean women so they can pursue an improved quality of life, with the stipulation that they motivate, teach, and enable their families, friends and their community to do the same.

Hear Camille’s response to the question, "When did you realize that your ethnicity/skin color was an issue or different?"

About Own Your Tone: 

The Love & Nudes Own Your Tone Series is about taking your voice back and cherishing your skin tone in any shade!

Here we are celebrating, connecting and empowering women of colour by sharing various women's stories, information and experiences. We want to encourage and inspire women to see what's possible for us all regardless of our experiences. Have a listen to these amazing women's journeys for some reflection and inspiration. We are more powerful than we think.

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