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Own Your Tone Series: Donna Harding

Donna Harding

This week’s Own Your Tone series we interview Donna Harding, owner of the natural hair blog called LuvYourMane. The blog features natural hairstyles and care tips, and anything that's either #blackgirlmagic or #blackboymagic. The blog was launched in 2012 when she just went back wearing her natural hair and saw the need for other naturalistas to have one place to get natural hair care ideas/tips and hairstyle inspirations.

Donna Harding


Donna is also a social media consultant and owns Blaque Butterfly Media Solutions - focused on helping you establish and maintain an outstanding online presence. We’re loving how she is using her platform to enlighten others to love their natural hair and skin, especially with over 50K followers! Yes indeed, your presence is felt.

Here Donna’s response to the question, ”How has being a visible minority affected how you interact with the rest of society?'

About Own Your Tone: 

The Love & Nudes Own Your Tone Series is about taking your voice back and cherishing your skin tone in any shade!

Here we are celebrating, connecting and empowering women of colour by sharing various women's stories, information and experiences. We want to encourage and inspire women to see what's possible for us all regardless of our experiences. Have a listen to these amazing women's journeys for some reflection and inspiration. We are more powerful than we think.

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