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Own Your Tone Series: Kimberlee West

Kimberlee West

Welcome to Love & Nudes Own Your Tone series! Own Your Tone means taking your voice back and cherishing your skin tone in any shade!

Here we are celebrating, connecting and empowering women of colour by sharing various women's stories, information and experiences.We want to encourage and inspire women to see what's possible for us all regardless of our experiences. Have a listen to these amazing women's journeys for some reflection and inspiration. We are more powerful than we think.

Kimberlee West bio:

Kimberlee West is the Founder of KIDSSWAG.CA - An online retailer shop of high end children's lifestyle products inspired by black kids. As a mother of two fun loving girls Kimberlee has a heightened awareness of the power of images and the impact they have on shaping perceptions.

Through KIDS SWAG Kimberlee is on a mission to make positive representation the norm for black youth. The simple premise is nurture a child's natural confidence to help them grow into self-loving, thriving adults. Hear Kimberlee's response to: "When was the first time you realized the your skin colour was an issue or different?"

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