"How has being a visible minority affected how you interact with the rest of society?" - Own Your Tone Series: Natalie Bell

Natalie Bell  

We produced this interview circa 2016 when we were raising money through my crowdfunding campaign. The money raise was to make the 1st production of comfortable wire-free bras and panties in the beautiful skin tone colours of my melanin sisters. I always thought this was a relevant question for Black women and woc that I thought should be talked about and shared. Look how it has heightened now through the tragedy of George Floyd's murder.

 Natalie of PegCityLovely.com is a lifestyle blogger based from Winnipeg, who shares info about heath, food and her love of travel, also love for Winnipeg aka Peg City.

Hear Natalie's answer to: "How has being a visible minority affected how you interact with the rest of society?"

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