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Fashion is really a wonderful way of having our own creative expression that can be inspired by anything. My Mom, Instagram, and Pinterest have stirred my excitement for African and culturally inspired fashion. The prints and silhouettes have given me new wardrobe ideas I’ll be on the lookout for. It’s so stimulating to see bang on modern interpretations of older, historic garments and clothing that were worn out of necessity. It’s also appreciated when designers make clothing with the everyday woman’s shape in mind. For me, these points are the crux of fashion.

STREET-WEAR-AFWNY-12Photography By: The Social Trust Hair/Makeup By: Suzie K. Makeup Model: Ashley Moore (printed African pants)


These African-inspired printed pants are very up my alley right now. First, prints are a wonderful camouflage for pudgy areas on your body that you may want to conceal. Also, these printed pants are shaped like sweat pants and speak to the athleisure vibe that’s happening in fashion. Currently, I’m all about athleisure because it’s clothing and footwear that have an athletic shape and feel, but the style is elevated with dressier, unconventional fabrics or prints.

This trend is very conducive for someone who is traveling throughout the day and wants to be comfortable and stylish during their stops. My life as an entrepreneur can change every day, whether I am working out of a coffee shop, at home or at my part-time job. I need clothing that translates into comfort and ease, without giving up style. For example, you could rock these pants out with white kicks to run around town and then slip on some high heels if you needed to go to an evening event. The print really makes the pants edgy and fun all at once. It’s always nice to have options.

20160608-2133017293Photography: Leila King @bklynbodega

Here is my take on my African inspired print dress, dressed down. I added a cowl neck cape sweater, navy leggings, finished off with my chucks. This type of outfit is easy, stylish and simple if you are at school or moving around town for the day. 

20160608297839456Photography: Leila King @bklynbodega

If I wanted to dress this up a little, let’s say for a Sunday brunch or a dinner after work, I would remove the leggings, add a nice coloured sweater or soft jacket and some cute coloured heels and VOILA! This same dress has been elevated to extra cuteness. The tip of the day is an outfit with prints can give one a realm of endless possibilities to add fun colours with accessories, shoes or jackets. With these tweaks, that one outfit will look like a new one every time.


  • bookmarked!!, I like your site!

  • Hi Rita! Thanks so much for the feedback and your appreciation! I am so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner as I didn’t even realize you commented. Still working out the kinks on my blog. Please keep looking out!

  • You always had an eye for style and how to wear things! I love this!

    Rita Nankya Lwanga

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