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Self Love & Small Miracles

Tell us a little about Atma Things.

Atma Things is a luxury self-care brand fused with spiritual and holistic principals. Atma means spirit in Sanskrit and every one of the products is meant to help one re-align with their spirit self. 

What is the change that you would like to bring to the world?

I would like for people to be in harmony within themselves (mind, body, and spirit) instead of always looking outwardly for people or material things to make them happy. When people can find a sense of peace within themselves it creates self-trust, self-awareness, and self-love, and then we can treat the people around us with more compassion and understanding as well, but the work must begin inside each of us.

What happened to make you want to do this?

I was incredibly empathetic as a child, and my family was a violent and abusive group of individuals who were all hurting in their own ways. This was my only understanding of a normal family and when I was ready to create a family of my own I began to perpetuate this nurtured behavioural pattern. In having created a violent and abusive environment of my own I saw a crack in the cycle and knew that I could make a difference if I chose to. When I took my personal and mental power back I was able to make a change within myself, and then make a change in my direct environment. I had to sacrifice a lot and leave a lot behind, otherwise I could not make the changes. I believe I made the right choices now that I look back.

Has anything changed since you started? Have you achieved some of your goals or has something happening in the world to make you want to work even harder? 

Yes! I've changed! For the first time in my life I can say I truly love life and I am happy. I have peace of mind. I have self- trust, I have self- awareness, and I practice self-love daily. The environment around me is no longer violent, but instead it's peaceful and uplifting, and loving, and kind. I see small miracles daily. Yes I have my own challenges, but the way I deal with them and overcome them are so different in comparison to before. Through these internal changes of mine I've been able to continually connect with others to guide them and help them see their own greatness, helping them redefine self-love and self-care for each of them.

How do you think being a woman of colour has impacted your journey?

Being a woman of colour was challenging when I was trying to fit in. Now that I realised that being a woman of colour is my superpower, it is a part of my story that shaped me into who and how I am today. Every single challenge I experienced is now a story of strength and courage and determination, and personal power. I get to share those stories with so many others through the spiritual guidance that I provide daily. 

Have you had a remarkable breakthrough or a win that you would like to share with our readers? 

My biggest breakthrough is my mental health. I struggled with suicidal tendencies and attempts since I was 8 years old until I was 31 years old. Since I started to practice spirituality, walk the walk, and not just talk the talk, reach out and help others, create products that hold space for connection and mindfulness, I have had no desires for my life to end in any way. I am now 40 years old. Money, trips, property, business goals, PR opportunities, they all come and go, but my love for life gives new meaning to "remarkable breakthrough" in comparison to the "Jessie" I used to be.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Jessie!  Strength and courage and determination, and personal power are your path. Jessie can be found on Instagram at  @atma_things or online at 

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