Soaring from the Edge: A Destiny Delivered

Chanile Vines

Chantal Carter Taylor 
Creator of Love & Nudes, fashion lover, diversity warrior.

Tell us a little about Vinesplay. What is it about? 

Vinesplay, is an event and marketing agency specializing in the wine industry. We work with wineries to promote their brand to gain new clients plus form stronger connections with existing clients. We have a dedicated following of over 5000 wine enthusiasts seeking more knowledge and experience centered around wine. 

What is the change that you would like to bring to the world? 
I am a community builder at heart. I love sharing my passion with people and supporting small winery owners. I enjoy making wine appreciation accessible to everyone. I strongly believe in the power of passion/joy and the impact it has on your entire life. My goal is to use wine as a tool to break barriers and for people to truly connect.

How did this start?

In 2014 I hit a pivotal time in my life; I was depressed and without a job. A small exercise changed my life; I decided to live the life I wanted in the future by finding ways to do it at that time without money. I took free acting classes, I volunteered on a crisis help line, I hosted wine events and I took care of my Grandmother. This exercise reminded me of the what is important to me. It led to my dedication to help in the fight to solve Dementia (today I do Dementia research) and I started my wine business. I am blessed to have found passion and purpose from my darkest time.

Have you achieved some of your goals or has something happening in the world to make you want to work even harder?
My ability to break into this industry is no small feat. I have a full client roster and have been able to work with great wineries. I am the president of the Ontario Wine Society - Toronto chapter; the first minority to lead a 25 year old group.

How do you think being a woman of colour has impacted your journey?

It has forced me to not just be good but excellent. It can feel unfair watching other people excel with less heart but that need to continue growing will not only allow my company to survive but also thrive. 

Have you had a remarkable breakthrough or a win that you would like to share with our readers? We all love hearing success stories! Tell us yours!
Plenty! lol I am amazed at the opportunities I get at times. I just signed a contract to represent one of the largest spanish brands. I also (as briefly mentioned above my work in Dementia) received funding from Baycrest Health Sciences to create an app for Dementia caregivers. 
My heart is full.


Our hearts are full after reading your profile Chanile! We love how you achieved the life you dreamed of without spending money and how that brought you out of your darkness and has lead you to spreading love & light!

Connect with Chanile on her website at or on Instagram at @chanilevines or @vinesplay.

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