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The Vagina Dialogues

Tell us a little about your passion. What is it about?

My passion has always been to become an educator. I currently teach for Toronto District School Board and I specialize in French as a second language. In recent years I have established many workshops through OMLTA (Ontario Modern Language Teachers Association). I feel within my spirit that it is not only my duty to educate students and teachers on the Ontario curriculum but to also re-educate and teach my Queens on proper vulva/vaginal health. 

What is the change that you would like to bring to the world?

My goal is to bring awareness to women on proper hygiene health and promote a natural, plant-based way of doing so which is why my product line Yoni Naturals began. Re-educating woman on the vulva/vaginal myths that we as women still continue to do generations later.

What happened to make you want to do this?

March 2017 marked my A-HA moment. It was March break and I had run out of bar soap and was tired of the irritation I constantly felt in my Vulva area. Like so many women, I had a history of chronic yeast infections, itching, signs of vaginal pH imbalances, and just overall irritation.

I started doing research on vaginal health in general, and found many articles that contradicted all of my previous beliefs and practices. I realized that I had been doing it all wrong, and had been led astray by mainstream drug companies and the medical community. With all the research that was done I decided to create my own all natural organic brand and called it Yoni Naturals. I then contacted my girlfriend Dr. Tamika Hamlet ND and asked for her thoughts on my vaginal wash Yoni Calm. Dr. Hamlet vetted all the ingredients and believed that this product would be essential in our Canadian market, and the rest is history!

Has anything changed since you started?

When starting Yoni Naturals I realized that so many other woman out there were dealing with the same cycle of irritation as I did! I definitely feel like I am making a difference by re-educating women on the chemicals and additives found in all synthetic washes found on shelves. It is vital for women to understand that our skin is our largest organ and anything foreign placed directly on our vulva or inside our vaginal canal can and will affect our PH.

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