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Why You Need to Feel Yourself Now

I first met Monique over 2 years ago at a hack-a-thon for the Love & Nudes line I was working on. She was totally not what I expected to see. When I saw her, I wanted to kiss this stranger and yell “Thank God!!”. You know why? Monique is a black woman too. Not someone I was accustomed to seeing in the fashion world. There she was, so strong, so knowledgeable and wanting to help me.

Fast forward to 2017, I found out my business advisor, friend and supporter had found a lump in her breast. Gasp! Cancer finally touched closer to home than ever. How could a 35 year old, someone close to my age have cancer? Look at her!

When I look at her I see vibrant, strong, crazy, tough, rough bad gyal. Just goes to show anything can happen at any given time. Breast cancer awareness month might come to an end, but awareness never comes to an end.Let’s make sure we feel ourselves now! We have to find a convenient time to do it… I’m checking the girls while I shower. How about bills and breasts? Maybe there’s a bill paid the same day every month, this can be made into a boobie check ritual too. There is also laying down before bed, maybe while you watch your show? Let’s do some regular checking.

I am so relieved my girl Mo’ is on the road to recovery. She gets to keep her breasts because she felt herself, thank the Lord. Life is way too short already not to check, ladies please feel your girls.

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  • Thanks so much for the love! It’s been a journey and a half and it’s still happening. I love that you are encouraging people to check any way and anyhow they can because early detection is the only “cure” right now. I never thought it could happen to me and then it did had I not been checking I may not be here today. Love you girl!


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